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Raga Tilak Kamod

That Name:- Khammaj

Aroha:- ‘N S R m P (N)S’

Avaroh:- P D m G R S R G ‘N ‘P ‘P ‘N S R G S

Jati:- Audav – Sampurna

Vadi:- S

Samvadi:- P

Swarupa:- S R G S ‘N ‘P ‘P ‘N S R G S

Prahar:- 6th Prahar (6 PM to 9 PM)

Raga Information:

Raga Tilak Kamod is a raga welcoming the auspicious celebrations in the night. This auspicious raga has an unusual form, as the original form of this raga is said to have four notes in aroh and avaroh starts midway barely going upwards. Due to Bharata Muni’s standards in his musical treatise “Brhad-desi,” the raga had to include the Ni in the aroha, and the flexibility of the avaroh had to be incorporated. Still, the raga is still strongly purvanga based and it will barely ever hit any note beyond komal ni of the madhya saptak. A famous bhajan in this raga is “Ohe Harinam Tava MahimaApar.”





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