Sahitya Sangeet

Literature Is The Almighty & Music Is Meditation

Mirza Ghalib

Raga Sohini



Rishabh and Pancham Varjya in Aaroh, Pancham Varjya in Avroh. Rishabh Komal, Madhyam Teevra. Rest all Shuddha Swaras.


Audhav-Shadhav Vakra






(3 AM - 6 AM) : 4th Prahar of the Night : Sandhi-Prakash Raag

Vishranti Sthan

G; D; - D; G;


M D N S' r' S' ; N D N D ; S' r' S' r' N S' N D G M G ;


S G M D N S' - S' N D N D M G r S ;


Raga Description

Tranquil silent night's pleasingly moist atmosphere is the apt description of this Raga mood as it is rendered late in the night before dawn. The intensity of the feelings find expression as it is rendered largely in Madhya and Tar Saptaks. This Raga belongs to Marwa Thaat. The swar set of Sohini is like those of Raga Marwa and Raga Puriya except Rishabh is Varjya in Aaroh.

In this Raga Dhaivat-Gandhar Sangati is important. In Avroh, D-G Sangati is initiated from Nishad like: N D G M G whereas in Puriya, the D-G Sangati is taken from Madhyam Teevra like: S' N D ; M D G M G. G M D N S' ; S' r' S' r' N S' N D N D ; G M G ; M D N S' r' S' these are the Raga Vachak notes.

The Shadaj Madhyam Bhava relationship between Teevra Madhyam and Shuddha Nishad produces a sweet mesmerizing effect on the audience. The following combinations are illustrative.......

S ,N S G ; G M D N D G M G ; G M D N S' ; S' N r' S' r' N S ; S' r' S' r' N S' N D N D ; N D G M G ; G M D G M G r S ; S G M D N S' ;


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