Sahitya Sangeet

Literature Is The Almighty & Music Is Meditation

Mirza Ghalib

Raga Shyam Kalyan



Swaras Dhaivat Varjya in Aaroh. Both Madhyams. Rest all Shuddha Swaras.


Shadhav-Sampurna Vakra






(6 PM - 9 PM) : 1st Prahar of the Night : Ratri ka Pratham Prahar


Vishranti Sthan

S; R; P; N; - S'; N; P; R;


S R ,N S (m)R ; R M M P ; P G m R ; M P ; G m P ; G m R ; ,N S R S;


,N S R M P N S' - S' N D P M P D P G m P G m R S ,N S;

Raga Description

Raga Shyam Kalyan is a very melodious Raga. It is a mixture of Kalyan Ang and Kamod Ang (G m P G m R S).

There are few things to be kept in mind while singing Shyam Kalyan. Gandhar is not forbidden in Aaroh, still one should not render G M P N S', rather R M P N S' is rendered. Gandhar is used in Aaroh like G m P G m R S. In general, Avroh is like this: S' N D P M P D P ; G m P G m R S. In Avroh, sometimes Nishad can be skipped like - P S' S' R' S' N S' D P.

Raga Shuddha Sarang is nearest to this Raga, where Dhaivat is taken as Kan-Swar in Avroh. Whereas in Shyam Kalyan Dhaivat is rendered Deergh as in Kalyan Ang. Presence of Gandhar in Shyam Kalyan also separates it from Shuddha Sarang. Following combinations are illustrative of the Raga------

S ,N S R M P ; M P D P ; M P N S' ; S' R' S' N D P ; M P D P ; G m R ; ,N S R S ; P D P P S' S' R' S' ; S' R' S' D P M P ; R M P N S' ; N S' D D P ; S' N D P ; M P G m P ; G m R ; R ,N S;


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