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Raga Puriya kalyan

That Name:- Marwa.

Aroha: S r G M P M D P D N S’

Avaroha: N r’ N D M D P M G r S

Jati:- Sampurna-Sampurna.

Vadi: P

Samvadi: S

Swarupa: G M D P M P M G r S

Prahar:- 8th. Prahar. (12am. To 3am.)

Raga Information:

This raga is a mixture between two ragas: Puria (in purvanga) and Kalyan (in uttaranga). Even though theoretically, representations of both ragas are represented equally, the aesthetic properties give more dominance to the Kalyan feature, as the nature of this raga is uttaranga based.

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