Sahitya Sangeet

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Raga Puriya Dhanashri

That Name:-

‘N r G M d N S’ r’ S’

N r’ N d P M G r G r S ‘N




‘N r G M P M d P M G r G r S

5th. Prahar. (3pm. To 6pm.)

Raga Information:
Raga Puriya Dhanashri is actually a mix of two ragas, Puriya and Dhanashri.

This is one of the twilight ragas sung in the evening. Even though most of the evening ragas like Marwa and Puriya lack the stability, this raga is one of the rare harmonically stable ragas in the evening. Even though Sa and Pa are the strongest harmonic pair in this raga, another noteworthy pair is to consider is that of Ga and Ni. Whenever Ga is played, the shadow of Ni comes. This actually comes from Raga Puriya, which makes up the component of this raga.

In Raga Puriya, Ga and Ni are the vadi-samvadi pair. It should come as no surprise that this pair will be apparent in this raga. Even though there are other ragas which will use the same notes as Raga Puriya Dhanasri, the multiplex of Sa and Pa vs. Ga and Ni is unique to this raga.

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