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Raga Parameshwari

Prahar:- 1st - (6am - 9am) - A morning raga

Aaroha:- S - r - g - m - D - n - S'

Avroha:- S' - n - D - m - g - r - S

Vadi:- m

Samvaadi:- S

Pakad:- S - r - 'n - S - r - g - m - g - r - g - r - g - r - S, g - m - D - n - D - m - g - r - g - r - S

Jaati:- Saudav-Saudav.

Origin:- Pt. Ravi Shankar created this Raag.


The r is not so prominent as in Ahir lalit. For comparison, the notes DnSr are shared with Ahir Lalit. But where Ahir Lalit goes nrs or Dnrs, Parameshwari would go Dns or nDns.

The way the phrase mgrgm turns in on itself suggests resignation to the inevitability of spiritual isolation that we all experience on some level....and which is at the heart of this raga.

There is a certain pathos and hopeful longing in the important phrase m-nD (on meend from m), played with a very soft touch.

There is an important reaching movement from D through n-S-r to a soft komal g. The g is not held but only touched.

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