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Raga Nand (Anandi)

That Name:- Kalyan.

Aroha: S G m P D N P S’

Avaroha: S’ N D P M P G m D P (m)R S G m

Jati:- Saudav-Sampurna.

Vadi: S

Samvadi: P

Swarupa: G m D P (m)R S S G G m

Prahar:- 7th. Prahar. (9pm. To 12am.)

Raga Information:

Raga Nand, also known as Anandi (“happiness”) or Anandi Kalyana, shows the feeling of joy entering the night. After surpassing the harmonic instabilities of the Purvi and Marwa raga families, the raga hits all of the major notes including one small cameo appearance of tivra Ma in the avaroha. The one unusual feature of this raga is that this raga ends on ma, even though its harmonic points areSa and Pa.

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