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Raga Megh Malhar

Thaat:- Kafi.

Jati:- Audav-Audav.

Vadi: S

Samvadi: P

Vikrit: Both Nishads

Virjit: D,G/D,G

Aroh: S, m R, m P, n N S*

Avroh: S* n P, m R, m N.R S

Time: Rainy Season

Parichay (Introduction)

Megh Mallhar, a raga of considerable antiquity, is associated with the rainy season, and is considered a serious and profound raga, prescribed for performance around midnight. In this sense, this raga may be considered to represent the sombre, and even awesome, facet of the advanced monsoon (July-August), in contrast with Miyan ki Malhar and other Mallhar variants, which are explicitly euphoric at the onset of the rainy season (June-July), and the imminent relief from the scorching Indian summer.

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