Sahitya Sangeet

Literature Is The Almighty & Music Is Meditation

Mirza Ghalib

Raga Madhuvanti


SwarasRishabh and Dhaivat Varjya in Aaroh


 Gandhar Komal, Madhyam Teevra.


Rest All Shuddha Swaras.


Audhav - Sampurna






4th Prahar of the Day 

Vishranti Sthan

S; g; P; N; - S'; N; P; R;


N S M g M P; M g S R S;


N S g M P N S' - S' N D P M g M g R S ,N S;


Raga Description

 Raga Madhuvanti is a fairly recent melody. Earlier it was known as Raga Ambika. It is a sweet melodic combination with fair degree of freedom for development into an impressive mellifluous mood with wide public appeal. This is a playful Raga full of romantic, loving sentiments.

The nearest Raga is Raga Multani. Using Rishabh and Dhaivat Shuddha in Raga Multani, Raga Madhuvanti appears. While rendering Rishabh in Avroh, Shadj (Sa) is used as a Kan swar, particularly in Alaps like: M g SR S.


The combinations illustrative of Raag format are:
,N S M ; M g R S ; N D P ; P D P ; M g ; M g R S; g M P N S' ; N S' D D P ; D P M g M g ; M g R S ; R ,N S ;


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