Sahitya Sangeet

Literature Is The Almighty & Music Is Meditation

Mirza Ghalib

Raga Madhukauns



Swaras Rishabh and Dhaivat Varjya. Gandhar and Nishad Komal. Madhyam Teevra.



Audhav - Audhav






(9PM - 12AM): 2nd Prahar of the Night

Vishranti Sthan

M P S' - P M S;


S g M ; P M g M P ; M P n S' ; S' n P M ; g M g S;


S g M P n S' - S' n P M g S;

Raga Description

Raga Madhukauns is a relatively new Raga but because of its impressive nature it has become quite popular. This Raga is suitable for Virah Ras compositions which depicts the emotion of a women waiting for reunion with her lover.

This is a Meend pradhan Raga. This Raga is considered to be a blending of Raga Madhuvanti and Raga Malkauns. S g M P these notes give the impression of Raga Madhuvanti. In Avroh, descending from Komal Gandhar to Shadj in Meend is characteristic of Kauns Raagang.

This Raga can be freely expanded in all the three octaves. Following combinations are illustrative of the Raga

S g S ; g M g S ; S g M P ; M P g M g ; g M P n P ; n M P ; P M g M g S ; g M P n S' ; n g' S' ; g' n S' ; S' n P M ; P M g M P n P ; n M P g M g ; M g S ;


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