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(Literature Is The Almighty & Music Is Meditation)

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Raga Khamaj





This Raag is an ideal melodic format for both type of Shringars, Vibralambh (Separation) and Uttan (Union) Shringar. For this reason, there are more Thumri compositions in this Raag. The mood is light and enthralling but not sedate. With a husky voice that emits the emotion of painful separation and with Khatkas and Murkiyan, the Raag mood is well brought out, decorated with diverse Thumri styles of Panjab, Lucknow and Banaras Gharanas.


Swaras Rishabh Varjya in Aaroh, Both Nishad. Rest all Shuddha Swaras.

Jati Shadhav - Sampurna

Thaat Khamaj

Vadi/Samvadi Gandhar/Nishad

Time (9 PM - 12 AM): 2nd Prahar of the Night: Ratri ka Dwitiya Prahar


Vishranti Sthan S m P - S' P G


Mukhya-Ang G m P D; G m G; P S' N S'; n D p; m P m G; R S


Aaroh-Avroh S G m P D N S' - S' n D P m G R G S ,N S G m P



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