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(Literature Is The Almighty & Music Is Meditation)

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Raga Kamod

That:- Kalyan.

Jati:- Saudav-Sampurna.

Vadi:- P

Samvadi:- R

Time:- Pratham Prahar Of Night.

Aroh:- S r P M P D P N D S

Avaroh:- S' N D P M P D P, G M R S


It is hard to convey Kamod’s spirit through the written medium. The gestalt is best imbibed through study and by listening to classic renditions of the past masters. Such ragas have very little basis in scales. Among the deleterious habits to have come to nest in the realm of Hindustani pedagogy is the urge to pigeonhole ragas into an aroha-avaroha set, then tack on the vadi-samvadi pair, a pakkadphrase, and then presume that one has successfully described the raga. The aroha-avaroha set is an ex post facto construct that ought not to be the starting point of inquiry.

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