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Raga Jhinjhoti


That Name: Khamaj.

Aroha: S R G m P D S’

Avaroha: S’ n D P D m G S R m G S R ’n ’D ’P ’D S

Jati: Sadav-Sampurna.

Vadi: S

Samvadi: P

Swarupa: S R m G S R ’n ’D ’P ’D S

Prahar: 7th. Prahar. (9pm. To 12am.)

Raga Information:

Raga Jhinjhoti is a raga from the Khamaja family of ragas. Unlike Raga Khamaja itself, where it incorporates a Suddha Ni, Raga Jhinjhoti uses the swars of original that properly. Despite the complexity of the aroha and avaroha, it is fairly simple in form and easy to be sung. One key thing to remember when rendering Jhinjhot is that it is purvanga based and not uttaranga based. Therefore, it won’t be heard singing in high pitches.

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