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Raga Hindol

That Name:

S G M D N M D S’

S’ D M D N D M G M G S




S G M D M G M G S ‘D S

1st.Prahar. (3 am. To 6 am.)

Raga Information:
Raga Hindol is one of the most interesting ragas in the Hindustani musical scene. Originally, this raga comprised of four notes, excluding the N. As four-note melodies would be quite difficult to make songs, the “Ni” was included to adhere to the definition of “raga” (i.e. a minimum of five distinct notes).
Therefore, this raga is a notable exception. Raga Hindol is a Janak raga (raga based on seasons) denoted for springtime.
In singing this raga, one must be careful of a few points. 1) Sing it according to it to chalan in such a way, that over-emphasis of D and G are not made. If they are made, this raga will sound like Sivaranjani. 2) Be very careful about doing the mīnd (glissando) from S to G or vice versa. An mīnd done incorrectly will confuse the listener into believing that this raga is Sohini or some other raga of the MarwaThat. 3) Ni is not originally in the raga, as this was meant to be a four-note raga. Ni should be used as the least amount of times as possible. _____

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