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Mirza Ghalib

Raga Gaud Mallhar


An important variety of Malhar family, this rag is very popular among musicians There are several compositions in this rag with vivid description of rains and hence mainly associated with monsoon season.


  S R G m P D n N

Ma and Sa are the important notes. R /P is a phrase common to the rag of the Malhar family, and is also emphasised in this raga. Phrases can end either on Ma or Pa.

Flat Ni can only be used as in m P D n P or S D n P.

Characteristic phrases

R /P
S- RGm
mPDP m
m P D- nSn \P
m P DNS- \DPm

Some variations of this raga are in vogue. Apart from the variety described here, there is a type which includes flat Ga along with natural Ga, especially preferred in the dhrupad tradition. The phrase n \P can evoke shades of rag like Brindavani sarang (vide), Bahar .


However, inclusion of the Dha helps maintain the distinct identity of this rag.

Like all rag of Malhar family, this rag too is associated with the rainy season. Hence, the song-texts of compositions depict vivid descriptions of this season.


Any time during the rainy season


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