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Raga Devgandhar

The recipe for Devgandhar: take shuddha rishab Asavari, add shuddha gandhar as in R n’ S R G, M. Shake well (but don’t stir). This proviso of G adds a most beautiful touch to the proceedings if executed judiciously. The raga is popular with the Gwalior musicians. A sample chalan assumes the following form:

R M P n d P, d M P (M)g, (S)R S, R n S R G, M, P (M)g (S)R S


That:- Asavari.

Time:- Late Morning.

Swars:- Komal And Suddh Gandhar.

Used:- Komal Dhaiwat and Komal Nishad,Suddh Rashabh and suddh Madhyam.


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