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Raga Desakara





Raga Desakara is one of the lesser known and one of the most confusing ragas in North Indian music. Raga Desakara shares the same notes as Bhupali and often, it is quite difficult to tell the real difference between the two ragas. The rule of thumb is that Raga Desakara is uttaranga oriented with D as its vadi, while Bhupali is purvanga oriented with G as its vadi. Note the svarupa of the raga to see the orientation of the two ragas.

Raga Name: Desakara

That Name: Bilavala

Aroha: S R G P D S’

Avaroha: S’ D P R G R S ‘D S

Jati: Audava – Audava

Vadi: D

Samvadi: G

Swarupa: P D (n)D P G P D P

Prahar: 2nd Prahar (6 AM to 9 AM)



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