Sahitya Sangeet

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Mirza Ghalib

Raga Bhimpalasi



Raga Bhimpalasi is sung in the early afternoon between 12 – 3 pm.

Raga Bhimpalasi is meant to depict the Sringara Rasa (Romantic Mood).

The Thaat of Raga Bhimpalasi is Kafi.


 Ni Sa Ga Ma Pa Ni Sa’ (Ni and Ga are Komal).


 of the raga is Sa’ Ni Dha Pa Ma Ga Re Sa (Ni and Ga are Komal).

 Vadi and Samvadi 
The Vadi is Ma and the Samvadi is Sa.



Bhimpalasi is an audhav – sampurna (consists of 5 notes in Arohana and 7 notes in Avarohana) raga from the Hindustani music tradition. It is one of the most used ragas used in popular music today.


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