Sahitya Sangeet

Literature Is The Almighty & Music Is Meditation

Mirza Ghalib

Raga Basant

That Name:

S G M d r' S'

S' N d P M G m G M G r S


: S


M d r' S' N d P M G M G

1st. Prahar (3am. To 6am.)

Raga Information:
The other spring time raga, besides Bahar, is Raga Basanta.
It is sometimes a confusion for academic scholars of music to see how Raga Bahar, with notes in the Kafi That, can emote the same season as Raga Basanta which is in Purvi That.
Those who study ragas in the totality scope will notice that Bahar precedes Basanta by one full prahar.
Bahar, the Kafi That raga, falls in the time period where many Kafi That ragas exist, like Bagesri, Malhar, and Megha.
Raga Basanta falls in the prahar where komal re might be more predominant like Lalita.
Even within its own that, Basanta is unlike the rest of the family, due to the fact it is uttaranga oriented.
The aroha jumps quickly to touch the komal re in the tar saptak, its only upward allocation allowed.
The downward scale has a higher preference for the uttaranga.
Following rules of raga, it’ll have to come down to middle Sa. Singers will hardly ever hit the lower Sa, and will hover on upper notes.

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