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Raga Adana





Sa Re Ga(Komal) Ma Pa Ni(Komal) Pa *Sa*



*Sa* Dha(Komal) Ni(Komal) Pa Ga(Komal) Ma Re Sa


Indian classical raga Adana is also called Adana kanada. It is often sung or played in drut laya after a vilambit composition in raga Darbari, as Adana is straighter than Darbari in its chalan, thus allowing faster passages. The flow of this raga is similar to a mix of Madhyamad Saranga with Darbari. Another common vivadi some artists use sparingly is shuddha ni which enhances the Saranga mood of the raga.


The Vadi note is Shajad - Sa

The Samavadi note is Pancham - Pa

The best time to sing this raga is known to be late night (12 am - 3 am)



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