Sahitya Sangeet

Literature Is The Almighty & Music Is Meditation


Dear readers,

The ghazals you are attempting to enjoy, are composed by me.

These ghazals are very near to my heart, as these are the creation of sentiment, feelings, incidents of surroundings, gain-loss and union-parting.

If at any moment, while reading, you will feel that your wavelength is reaching to mine, please mention those into the Guest-Book.

That will be my best reward. And yes, to enhance your journey to enjoy Hindi ghazals of mine, I have translated them into English. So that each and every logic and sentiments through the passage these ghazals are created, should not be untouched by you.

Thank you.
Rabindranath Banerjee(Ranjan)


Ghazal No.1 :- ये लम्हा इसी तरहा ठहर जाए तो क्या है,......The moment if touch at this point what a pleasure,

GhazalNo.2 :- जिस आदम को तराशा ख्वाबों से वो संग-ए-मर्मर बुत निकला,......When I carved the non-existent by dream,it transformed into an idol,

GhazalNo.3 :- दामन जो कभी बनता साया तो सो भी लेते,......Repose would have come if the skirt granted shade,

GhazalNo.4 :- ये तो है हमारी किस्मत दाम-ए-बला का मारा,The nets of calamity is haunting to this very fate,

Ghazal No.5 :- आते जो कभी वो दर पे मेरे वींरा नहीं ये पाया होता,......Inside visit is required,then desolate would be abode,

Ghazal No.6 :- इकराम हुआ है इस जाँ पर यारा का यारों इस तरहा,......Esteem extended to the spirit,from beloved my friends alike,

Ghazal No.7 :- अलमास अर्मुगां दे फिर पूछता है दाग-ए-जिगर,.....Gifting a glass cutter taking stock of the grieved heart,

Ghazal No.8 :- तुझे क्या कहें तू ये दिल बता तेरे सामने मेरा हाल है,......Tell what to tell ticker condition is across you,

Ghazal No.9 :- अगर मुझसे शिकायत है तो शिकवे अभी कह दो,.............As long as the grumbles are there tell the gripes right now,

Ghazal No.10 :- वो ग़म की खलिश फिर से उभर आये तो अच्छा,......Let irritation of sadness emerge again for better,